In 2006, Camille wrote a booklet entitled, Power in the Pews. This booklet is a call to action to the Body of Christ to utilize the power that God has given us. Our goal is to help Christians live out their faith and to encourage others to accept the love and compassion of Jesus Christ. After the completion of the booklet, the ministry was found shortly thereafter. The need for this ministry is to encourage Christians to seek the will of God for their lives and to obey the call of God in their lives. It is to empower Christians to operate in the power God has given and prayerfully change their lives.

In 2006, Camille Cook, who has been in the ministry for more than 32 years, launched the organization. Although she served in the ministry in various roles, biblical teaching has always been her main priority. She uses a straightforward teaching approach to ensure that those who listen truly comprehends the Bible in its most fundamental and unadulterated form. Camille is a nurse practitioner and an entrepreneur with over 23 years of expertise.

In 2006, Camille published a booklet titled “Power in the Pews.” This book is an exhortation to the Body of Christ to use the power that God has given us. This book utilizes the teachings of Christ to change the lives of those who need the love of Christ.

Soon after the booklet was completed, the ministry was established. It was created to encourage all Christians to seek God’s will for their lives, live their lives according to God’s purpose, and to love and care for others.

Our Mission

Power in the Pews Outreach Ministry was founded on the principle that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God. Jesus was born of a virgin and died on the Cross for our sins. Jesus was raised from the dead and those who believe in Christ will inherit eternal life. These principles are the foundation for this ministry.

Power in the Pews Outreach Ministry believes that Christians should know how important it is to use the power God has given. Christians should be able to share their faith in a loving and meaningful way. We are to use biblical truths to reach those who need Christ the most.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower Christians to change the world through biblical teaching, evangelism, and community service. We see a world that has been impacted for positive change through the redemptive work of Christ. Our vision is to lift up the name of Jesus so that others can receive salvation and eternal life.

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