About PiPNAP

PiPNAP is a 12 weeks state approved nursing assistant program. This curriculum follows the state approved mandated curriculum and includes the following areas:

• Basic nursing skills e.g vital signs
• Communication and interpersonal skills
• Personal care skills
• Transferring/repositioning
• Gait training
• Infectious disease prevention
• Restorative care
• Care for patient with dementia/Alzheimer’s disease
• Mental health and social services needs
• Rom exercises
• Resident’s rights

PiPNAP is an affordable nursing assistant program.

Our program fees include:
• Textbook
• Scrubs
• Tb test
• Malpractice insurance
• Drug screen
*Fee of the state certification exam is not included in the tuition fee and is an additional fee.

PiPNAP offers day and weekend classes.
How do I registered?

• Online registration (preferred method)
Go to powerinthepews.org and complete the contact form for the PiPNAP class.
• Call the office at 888-856-9004 or 770-593-9050 Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm.

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