About PIP

About Power in the Pews

Power in the Pews Ministry is an outreach ministry that focuses on encouraging the Body of Christ to embrace and utilize the power that God has given us. One of our main objectives is evangelism. We believe evangelism is most effective when it is coupled with serving others.

Mission Statement

Power in the Pews is an outreach ministry that empowers Christians to embrace and utilize their God given power to change the world for Christ through biblical teaching, community service, and evangelism.

Power in the Pews began in October 2006 when the Lord instructed Camille Cook to write this small but powerful booklet. This booklet has gotten into the hands of many and hopefully has changed their lives. You can get your free copy today! Began to operate in the power you have been given and make an impact for the Kingdom of God.

Camille Cook has been ministering in the Body of Christ for the last 20 years in many ways. Camille has functioned as a pastoral assistant, Sunday School teacher, Health and Wellness Coordinator, a member of the usher and nursing ministries.

Camille is the author of Power in the Pews and later founded the Power in the Pews Ministry in 2008. Through Power in the Pews Ministry, Camille conducts conferences and biblical Christian teaching.

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